FAQs about the Prelicensing Course

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the SAFE 20-Hour Prelicensing Course.

Q: I’ve heard your class is good but I really hate classes where the instructor just lectures the entire time. How do you hold our interest?
A: I use a variety of instructional methods designed to tap into many different learning styles.  Some people learn by hearing. Some need visuals, others like hearing stories, and most students want to get involved in their learning instead of just being a passive learner.  We mix it up and hit all the learning styles.  I encourage interaction and do not allow students to zone out on their laptops during class. If you’d prefer to come to class with your laptop and tune out and just do butt-chair time, please select an other course provider. On the other hand, if you are ready to commit to pass this exam, I can get you there.  I am committed to you and I expect the same from my students. So to answer your question, I hold your interest by inviting you to become involved.  Once you’re involved, chances of everything making its way into your long-term memory bank increase dramatically.

Q: After taking the 3 day training class, if I have further questions, will you be open to helping me?
A: I can help you with questions regarding the material we covered in class but realize that I might be teaching a class when you need help so I can’t guarantee that I will be immediately avail by phone or  email to answerquestions about the content we covered but I usually try very hard to return all emails within one day.

Q: After I register for the class, will you mail me the books so I can prepare in advance?
A: Yes, upon request via email, after you’re pre-paid/pre-registered I can arrange for a book to be printed in advance and you can pick it up at a FedEx office location near you.

Q: I saw some online classes for the prelicensing class. How do your classes compare to them?
A: Online classes work well for people who cannot come into a classroom for 2 full days during the business week.  For example, a person with another full time job who cannot take time off from work may find that online classes are his/her only option. Remember that the NMLS will only allow course providers to offer online prelicensing classes if they’re instructor-lead. This means that any online class will have a defined start/stop/day of the week time it’s offered. There is NO option for a self-paced online course for the prelicensing class. My course works well for people who prefer a live, instructor-lead class. For example, some people know that they learn better when they’re around others and have a teacher keeping them focused.

Q: If I take your classes will you provide test practice material with the books?
A: Yes. We will take practice exams all throughout Day 3 and a mini final exam at the end of the day.

Q: What else will I need to do before appearing for the test?
A: You very well may need to set aside more time to study before taking the test depending on how much experience you already have in the industry.  For example, a person with 15-18 years in the mortgage lending industry might be able to take the 20 hr prelicensing class and pass the test the next morning.  However, a person who is brand new, having never originated loans, will need to spend, at minimum, one week (5, 8-hour days) studying on your own before you take the test. 20 hours of class time is not enough time, by itself, for a brand new person to pass this test. Other typical examples: A person with a college degree in finance or economics will have heard and studied some of the terminology used in the mortgage industry and this person has experience passing comprehensive exams.  This person might need to study for an additional 2, eight-hour days whereas a high school graduate with no other formal education will have a very difficult time passing with no additional study time beyond the 2 day class.  I wrote an extensive blog post about who is/is not passing the exam here.

Q: If I don’t pass the test in the first round and need to retake it will you provide any additional help to prepare for the test?
A: All students are welcome to re-take my class again at no cost as long as you bring your book with all the handouts.  In fact, some people who are brand new to the industry have chosen to take the class a second time before passing the test.

Q: I’ve taken the 20 Hour Prelicensing Course from another provider and I haven’t been able to pass the exam. I’ve heard you can help people like me pass the test.  Can I come to your course at a discount?
A: YES.  Most people who are having trouble passing the exam are scoring low in the “federal law” or “ethics” component of the exam.  You may attend the second day of our prelicensing course for $195. During this day, we will be covering federal law and taking practice quizzes all day long. Call me to register: 206-931-2241.
Q: What do I need to bring to class?
A: Bring your MLO number, government issued photo ID, a basic calculator, and a highlighter if you’re a highlighter person.  You can also bring your lunch if you prefer not to eat out during the lunch hour.  Most facilities have coffee but this is not guaranteed.  I will email all students ahead of time with driving directions and these details.
Q: I have a disability. Can you accomodate me?
A: YES. I will meet all reasonable accomodations if known in advance. In previous years I have helped students with the following disabilities: Deaf, blind, wheelchair, back injury, learning disabilities, seizure disorder, severe allergies, service animal accomodations, loss of a finger (this student could not take fast notes due to losing a finger in military combat), and a mental health diagnosis’ requiring use of special equipment.  My most common request is to help students who have a partial hearing loss.
Q: Do you offer group discounts?
A: Yes I offer discounts when a group of loan originators from one company all need to pass the exam. Call for details: 206-931-2241
Q: How do I schedule my exam?
A: Go to the NMLS Resource Center and check out their “Individual Guides” on the right hand side of this page.  you’re looking for the guide called “Test Enrollment.”
Q: Does your pre-licensing class also cover the requirement for 4 hours of Washington State law?
A: YES.  We provide the new, 2013 requirement for 4 hours of WA State law as part of the pre-licensing class.
Q: Does your pre-licensing class include exam prep for the National Uniform State Test?
A: Yes. Read more about the UST here.

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